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Zakynthos, known internationally as "Zante", or Flower of the Levant (= Flower of the East), the Venetians, is one of the islands of the Ionian Islands. It is the eleventh in size Greek island and the third (after Kefalonia and Corfu) and the second most populous island of the Ionian Islands. Its area is 406 sq. km and the population amounts to 40,650 inhabitants (2011) [1]. From the Peloponnese is 9.5 NM. miles (from Kyllini of Ilia) and 8.5 NM. miles from the nearest north on this island of Kefalonia. Its inhabitants are called Zakynthos, Zakynthos.
"Iria", one of the ancient names of the island.

The beach with the famous shipwreck in Zakynthos.
The shape of the island is an irregular triangular with true northern tip abuts the Cape Skinari, while the south-southeast to form the Laganas bay between two headlands, Marathi west and hawk or Falcon, east. In the bay of Laganas are three islands, Marathonisi, Saint Sostis and Peluso, while 37 nautical miles south of Laganas Strofades islands. The beach, with its magnificent beach, has been declared the 1999 National Park as a place of nesting endangered sea turtle Caretta-Caretta. The western coasts are about 34 km is rocky, forming caves and coves. Unlike the east coast facing the Pelloponniso length and 37 km are sandy with beautiful beaches.


Zakynthos, which Homer mentions as yliessa ie wooded, named after the first settlers of the island of Zakynthos son Dardanus King of Phrygia. Then conquered the Arkeisios, a descendant of the King of Kefalonia Cephalus, the father of Laertes, and grandfather of Odysseus. Thus came Zakynthos in the Kingdom of Odysseus who participated in twelve ships to the Trojan War. Upon his return, however, the killing of the suitors of whom twenty were from Zante, Zakynthos are revolted and won their island of the Kingdom of Odysseus. In the years following the zeitgeist established in Zakynthos new constitution, the Republic. Perhaps at the time of Zakynthos to namesake colony founded in the Iberian peninsula. During the Persian Wars, Zakynthos remained neutral while involved in the Peloponnesian War as an ally of the Athenians. Zakynthos was conquered by the Macedonians of Alexander the Great and later the Romans, who had been granted a degree of autonomy. According to local tradition, Christianity spread to the island from Mary Magdalene in 34 AD when the ship that carried her to Rome stopped briefly in Zakynthos. During Byzantine times plundered by pirates and vandals. In 1185, Zakynthos with Kefalonia occupied by the Normans of Sicily (by Admiral Margaritonis King of Sicily William II) who detaching them from the Byzantine Empire, the County Palatine of Cephalonia and Zakynthos under the leadership of Earl Palatine Orsini 1197 - 1325, Angevins (d 'Anjou) 1325 - 1357 Tocchi and from 1357 to 1479. Then the Venetians conquered by [2] and remains under Venetian rule until 1797. Notable event of this period was the popular uprising known as the Rempelio populace.
After the Treaty of Campo Formio followed by Gallokratia the Ionian Islands (1797-1799), where French republicans initially and then with the Russo-Turkish Treaty of Alliance (1799), the Russians with their allies the Turks conquered the island temporarily until established by the Convention of Constantinople (1800) The Seven Islands (in 1800) which involved the Zante with the other Ionian islands making up the first independent Greek state under the suzerainty of the Sultan. In 1809 the French Emperor returned this time and in 1815 established the United State of the Ionian Islands came under British protection until 1864.To dream of Zakynthos to unite with Greece took after hard races on May 21, 1864 after a total of 680 years of foreign occupation.


The climate of the island is mild Mediterranean climate with plenty of rain from November through January, and plenty of sunshine throughout the etos.Vevaia affected by global climate change.

Zante Geography

Coordinates 37 ° 47'32 "N 20 ° 45'28" ESyntetagmenes: 37 ° 47'32 "N 20 ° 45'28" E (Map)
Ionian Sea Archipelago
Ionian cluster
406 km2 area

Region Region of Ionian Islands
Regional unit of Zakynthos
Capital Zakynthos (city)

Demographic Characteristics
Population 40,650 (Census 2011)
Density 100,23 / km2


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