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Gerakas beach on Zakynthos are these seaside places in Greece that when it comes time to leave, to catch a melancholy and longing to follow you throughout your life. Apart from the famous beach with the shipwreck that for marketing reasons has pulled out of competition all Zante attractions, Gerakas beach is the best beach on Zakynthos and thanks to turtle Caretta-Carreta who have been chosen as one of the places in the Mediterranean to build their nests, thankfully, her character is not going to alliothei of tourism development.
The Gerakas protected by the Marine Park of Zakynthos and belongs to the zone allowed the gentle human activity during the day, while the summer nights belong to the turtles that lay their eggs and hatchlings breaking the protective shell when completed incubation and looking for the way to the Sea.
The sandy beach is ideal for swimming Geraka sunbathing and walking. At the point where the trail starts to go down the beach you will find free parking and a pavilion of the marine park where eager staff will gladly inform you about your obligations and will provide you the relevant forms.
Lately it has built a wooden ladder that helps the descent to the beach along with the natural clay sculptures at the edge of the beach and has added to the whole company anyway impressive backdrop of Gerakas. A beach in Zakynthos anyway should see.



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