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The old bridge was in Alykes is a historical landmark, a beautiful stone bridge built over the river Skourti.

The exact chronology erected is not known but there is the 15th century when it was built by the British during the period they occupied Zakynthos.

Pentokamaro call because it has 5 arches. It is easily accessible from the nearby Alykes and Alykanas resort.

St. Mark's Square
St. Mark's Square was named after the church was founded in 1518 and is distinguished by being the only Catholic church in Zakynthos. Once existed cathedral for the Diocese of Kefalonia and Zakynthos. Today, the church is open to the public only in summer. The earthquake of 1953 destroyed and then rebuilt on a smaller scale.

The Piazza San Marco played an important role in the history of the island was used as a meeting point for discussion of ideas. In 1797, the populace burned books with titles of nobility. The tree in the middle of the square called the tree of Liberty and is in honor of the liberation of the island from the Venetian rule, which simply replaced by that of the French.

The Solomos Museum and Kalvos located in square houses personal belongings of some of the most famous locals such as Dionysios Solomos, Alexander Romas and others, as well as objects from the Byzantine era.

Today, many cafes and restaurants located around the square and a beautiful and pleasant place to enjoy a coffee or a refreshing drink.

Solomos Square
Solomos Square is the central square of the town of Zakynthos. Its name is taken from one of the most famous locals, poet Dionysios Solomos, whose lyrics are the National Anthem of Greece.

A statue has been raised to the square.

Many impressive buildings around it, including the church of St. Nicholas, which was rebuilt in 1561, he served St. Dionysius, patron saint of the island and it is worth noting that survived the earthquake of 1953.

Other important buildings are the Byzantine Museum and the Cultural Center of the island that houses the library, a gallery and various reports together with cinema in the city.



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