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The latter are a complex of two rocky islands called harpies and Stamfani and located 25 nautical miles south of Cape Keri in Zakynthos.

According to the ancient author Apollonius of Rhodes, the islands called Floating Islands because of the flat topography. Virgil explains that the islands were named Strofades because of the following legend: the issues and Calais, sons of Boreas and Oreithyia chased the Harpies who lived on these islands. When the two men came near, suddenly turned back (did turn). The Strofades took their name from this fact.

In 1241, Princess Irene of Byzantium, daughter of Emperor Theodore of first instruct and built an impressive monastery dedicated to Christ and the Virgin Mary known as the Monastery of Our Lady of the Pantocharas Stamfani. For some years he lived the monastic life of St. Dionysius, patron saint of Zakynthos. When in 1716 the island was attacked pirates, the remains of the Saint that there were desecrated and then decided to transfer to Zakynthos.

The islands hinged or otherwise Strofadia are part of the National Marine Park as a nesting area for more than 1200 species of migratory birds that fly each year in Africa and then return here to rest. Apart from its rich wild flora covering the islands are still orange, lemon and fig trees and over 250 species of plants and flowers and trees that create a large forest.

The islands can be reached only by boat or private boat excursion boat.



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