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The Venetian Castle in Bochali Hill, on the outskirts of the island was built in 1480 and shortly after a portion of it was destroyed by the Turkish invaders. From 1514 and later rebuilt and eventually became the capital of the island. Today it is a ruin, but still worth a visit as it offers excellent views of the city from above, the Ionian Sea and the region of Peloponnese.

Before you build the castle, there was a citadel at this point. The entrance gate clearly shows the Venetian influence is evident as the lion of St. Mark, a characteristic Venetian symbol.

The castle is surrounded by pine trees and is a very beautiful place where you can better understand the history of Zakynthos and enjoy the feeling of tranquility.
Cubs - CROSS
The cross is located at Kampi mountain Schiza at Kampi village. Raising of the Cross was in honor of the lives lost during the Greek Civil War and the Second World War.

The area that surrounds it offers breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding beaches and is an ideal spot to enjoy the famous sunset at Kampi, one of the most fascinating on the island.

There are several restaurants and cafes in the area from which you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.



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