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The National Marine Park of Zakynthos (NMPZ) is located in the south and most of the island. The Presidential Decree on the establishment of NMPZ signed on 1 December 1999 from the President of the Greek Republic.

The objectives of the marine park is to preserve the natural environment and ecological balance of the marine and coastal area of Laganas Bay and islands Strofadia.

For thallasio park is the most important Caretta Caretta turtles found in the Mediterranean, a habitat essential for life.

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos is the first of its kind in Greece and is an example for other regions in Greece, where an integrated and well-managed.

Protected Area

The National Marine Park encompasses the marine area of Laganas Bay, the nesting beaches of sea turtles and a belt of land that connects the marsh on Lake Keri Mokra both islands turns that are 25 miles south of the island.

It is worth noting that Greece is the only European country where the sea turtles lay their eggs in Zakynthos as the most important nesting area in the Mediterranean.

Moreover, the area of habitats of European interest, including dunes, seagrass, the endangered daffodil, submerged reefs and hundreds of species of flora and fauna some of which are of great importance.

It should also be noted that the permanent population of the endangered monk seal Monachus monachus is present on the west coast of Zakynthos.

Protective measures:

Within sea area of the park there are three zones:

* Zone A - not allowed any boat activity.
* Zone B - Vessels may speed limit by 6 miles per hour and not epitrepetaina agkyrovolisoun.
* Area C - Vessels may speed limit by 6 miles per hour and may agkyrovolisoun.

On the beaches there are several limitations that are protected (no building, visitors are not allowed on the beach from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am, check the number of visitors, etc.). Furthermore, the limitations in building and development applied to tourism beaches designated as protected areas and neighboring beaches.
The church of St. Dionysius is the most important on the island and is dedicated to Saint Dionysius protector of the island and the relic is kept in a silver casket. Built in 1708, some sections were added after 50 years and was renovated in 2000. Has Venetian appearance and bell tower is an exact copy of the bell tower of San Marco in Venice.

The church is beautifully situated on the beach and is instantly recognizable when approaching the ship in port. At night, the lights surrounding the belfry create beautiful reflections in the sea. A big festival is in town and lasts 3 days starting from the day of the feast par on 24 August and the relic wandering downtown with music.
It is a festival famous among locals and tourists. Next to the church you will find the monastery of St. Dionysius, and a museum that explains the history of the church and the Saint.

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